Main Features

Marketing and conversion tools
  • Related products, Cross-Sell and Up-Sell
  • Set promotional prices for specific stores, categories, customer groups or products
  • Create flexible coupons for specific stores, customer groups, time periods, products and categories
  • Export codes for offline distribution, email, newsletters and more
  • Track and report coupon usage
  • Multilayer pricing for quantity discounts
  • Offer free shipping options (Integrated with FRENET)
  • Product Package
  • Create customizable category landing pages
  • Show recently viewed and compared products
  • Showcase new items with new dynamic product lists
  • Save unpurchased items for the buyer’s next visit with a persistent shopping cart
  • Create newsletters and manage your distribution (Shipping not included)
  • Add Facebook, Twitter and email links to share products
Search Engine Optimization
  • Automatically generate a Google sitemap
  • Create friendly URLs for search engines
  • Full control of URLs with URL rewrites
  • Create metadata for products, categories and content pages (SEO)
Website management
  • Control multiple sites and stores from an administration panel (Module on request *)
  • Define roles and permissions to control access to administrative resources
  • Use the content management system to easily create and edit content pages and blocks
  • Choose from a wide variety of models that are 100% customizable
  • Get support for multiple languages ​​and currencies (Module on request *)
  • Product type or customer group (i.e. wholesale vs. retailer)
  • Use a Web services API to facilitate integration between Magento and third-party applications (Module on request *)
  • Batch import and export of catalog and customer information
  • CAPTCHA adds functionality to help prevent
  • Security against fake logins
Catalog Management
  • Display simple, configurable products (for example, choose size, color, etc.), grouped and grouped
  • Virtual Display Products
  • Includes downloadable / digital products with samples
  • Unlimited attributes for products
  • Create predefined attribute sets for quick product creation
  • Easily manage inventory with support for items on hold
  • Receive notification when inventory needs to be replenished
  • Choose out-of-stock messages and display options
  • Define the minimum and maximum quantities of products that can be added to the cart
  • Bulk assign a value to products for batch updates of multiple products
  • Automatically resize images and include watermarks
  • Use advanced pricing rules and get support for special prices, customer group prices and differentiated prices
  • Rewrite and redirect search results if customers are searching and not receiving results
  • Product Reviews
  • Enable customized customer products – upload images and text for monograms, etc.
Catalog Navigation
  • Filter products into categories and search results by price range, brands, color swatches and other attributes with layered / faceted navigation
  • View product category items in a grid or list format
  • See product comparisons with history
  • Recently viewed products
  • Add breadcrumbs
  • Define synonyms to expand search results
  • Add popular search terms in the cloud
Viewing product
  • See multiple images per product
  • Enlarge product images
  • Include samples to show colors, fabrics and more
  • Related products, incremental and cross-selling
  • View stock availability
  • Show price levels
  • Show product option selection
  • Includes options for adding products to the wish list
  • Add Facebook, Twitter and email links to share products
Check-out, payment and shipping
  • Clean Checkout
  • One Step Checkout (Module on request *)
  • Use guest and registered user checkout
  • Ship to multiple addresses in one order
  • Add option for account creation at the beginning of checkout
  • FREE Lets Encrypt SSL security support for front-end and back-end orders
  • Save the shopping cart
  • Show tax and shipping estimates in the shopping cart
  • Save method for online credit card payments
  • Integration of several Payment Gateway (Free Market, PagSeguro, Wirecard, Mundipagg (CIELO, REDE, STONE, among others))
  • Integrate with more than 300 carriers by FRENET (* check partner costs)
  • Specify the allowed destination countries based on the shipping method
  • Set flat shipping rate per order or item
  • Set rates for weight, price, destination and number of items
  • Provides free shipping
  • Provides on-site order tracking for customer accounts
Order management
  • Create multiple invoices, shipments and credit notes for orders
  • Print invoices, packing slips and shipping labels
  • Receive email notifications and RSS feeds with order status
  • Create custom order status labels to track progress
Customer accounts
  • See the comprehensive account dashboard
  • Choose standard billing and shipping addresses
  • Include address book with unlimited addresses
  • View order status and history
  • Allow account reordering
  • View recently ordered items
  • Include shareable wish list
  • View submitted product reviews
  • View uploaded product tags
  • Access downloadable / digital products
Customer service
  • Use the form
  • Create and edit orders in the administration panel
  • Provides customer accounts with many features
  • View order history with status updates
  • View account order tracking
  • Create customizable transactional emails for order status, account updates, password resets and more
International Support
  • Check availability of languages, currencies, means of payment and shipping
Reporting and analysis
  • Get support for Google Universal Analytics
  • Access the following reports through the administration panel;
    • Sales report
    • Fiscal report
    • Abandoned shopping cart report
    • Most Viewed Products Report
    • Best purchased products report
    • Low inventory report
    • Search terms report
    • Product evaluation report
    • Tag reporting
    • Coupon usage report
    • Total billed sales report
    • Total sales report refunded
Mobile commerce – MOBILE
  • Responsive design
  • Quickly create a website optimized for any device using an included baseline responsive design theme. Responsive design;
    • Can be easily customized for faster time to market
    • Includes all major flows, types of products and resources
    • Reduces long-term maintenance costs and facilitates site updates
    • Offers SEO benefits using Google’s preferred approach to optimize mobile sites
    • Allows customers to read promotional direct mail notifications on responsive mobile devices through emails and newsletters

* Some features may be modified or deleted, new features may also be added, this may vary because the MAGECOMMERCE Base is built on top of the Adobe Magento 2 Community Core, it is important to follow the main core of the Magento 2 platform, even if that it means having changes in the way the platform works, because ADOBE works worldwide to maintain good usability, data integrity and security.